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Dear miners!

Hereby Ezil mining pool provides this notification below due to the fact of unprecedent eth withdrawal from mining globally.

Please consider the following important guideline:

  • In case the ETH is transferred from “Proof of Work” consensus type (“PoW”) to the “Proof of Stake” (“PoS”), EZIL Mining pool will pay off all remaining Users’ balances, provided that the applicable transactional costs will apply automatically to the respective User’s balance by the Mining Pool

  • In case the User’s balance is below 0.001 ETH, the respective payouts will not be payable due to the reason of insufficient balance to cover the transactional costs

  • The Ezil Mining pool reserves the right to change the minimum balance amount, below which the respective payouts will not be disbursed.

  • The User can increase its balance to comply with the payout threshold as specified in the Terms of Operations and the User’s payout will be sent according to the procedure set forth therein.

Our new payouts condition will be active starting from July 16th, 2021.